Christmas Expectations

Christmas is a strange time of year. And this year, Christmas will feel strange too. Maybe you are meeting. Maybe you are just meeting online. Maybe you are meeting but can’t sing. Whether you are preaching to a live congregation, or the lens of a camera, it is time to preach the Christmas message!

1. Listeners have some expectations of the message that should be met.  People are coming (or watching) with some expectations of Christmas. They expect to hear the story of Christmas in some form. They expect to hear references to Christians celebrating Christmas. They may well be expecting some personal warmth, and maybe this year especially, some reassurance that not everything has changed.

2. Listeners have some expectations of the message that should be shattered.  They may well expect the message to be antiquated, almost fairy-tale like and safe.  What an opportunity for your listeners to be surprised that the Bible is actually interesting, and profoundly relevant, and disarmingly engaging. Don’t just comfort them with nostalgic Christmas catchphrases. Introduce every listener to a heightened sense that God intended Christmas to be uniquely relevant to them.

Let’s pray for one another as we preach the Christmas message this month!

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