The Little Him Book

Christianity is about Christ. One of the most famous verses in the Bible declares that God loved and gave, so that if we believe in the one God gave, we will have eternal life. That might seem familiar, but has the truth of the verse really gripped our hearts?

The Little Him Book draws our focus back to the One who is at the centre of our faith. But more than that, it is a call to make Him the centre of your identity, worship, love and life.

This little book is all about getting to know Jesus better and delighting in Him more.

The Little Him Book is now fully released on both sides of the Atlantic.  In the UK/Europe click here to buy, or in the USA click here to buy.  (These are affiliate links and so anything you order during your visit will drip a few pence/cents into our support – thanks!)

What are others saying?

“The Little Him Book is an introduction to the roles of Jesus and gives a glimpse into who He is and what He has done for us. It serves as a wonderful catalyst for a quiet time that will renew your appreciation for all God has done for His own.”

Darrell Bock, Senior Research Professor of New Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary and author of Luke, Baker Exegetical Commentary


‘Instead of giving us ten steps for self-improvement, Peter Mead gives us ten fresh views of Christ to lift our hearts and our perspective. It’s like a holiday in the Caribbean for the soul: warm, refreshing, wonderful!’

Mike Reeves, President, Union School of Theology


‘This is a remarkable little book. It brings together the major identities of Jesus of Nazareth in a creative and unique way. Peter Mead has done a service for all of us who long to understand Jesus more deeply.’

Michael Card, Bible Teacher and Musician


‘Peter Mead does a wonderful job of distilling vast and powerful truths into a format which quickly draws you in and stirs your heart. The only fitting response to the reality of Jesus is to worship and it is just that which this book resources the reader to do through Scripture, exposition and carefully chosen hymns.’

Nathan Fellingham, Musician and Song-Writer


‘Has your heart grown cold towards Christ? Do you find it hard to sing to Him? This little firecracker of a book combines rich theology, heartwarming truths and a hymn at the end of every chapter that gives you space to worship and praise Him!’

Olly Knight, Worship Team Leader, The City Church, Canterbury


‘The Little Him Book is a thoroughly enjoyable Christ-centered book that inspires love and worship for our wonderful Saviour. It only takes a little book to extol Jesus in such a way that your heart and mind will desire Him and no more.’

Zefjan Nikolla, BSKSH / IFES Albania


‘This delightful book will bring cool water to your soul as you learn to see Jesus through new eyes. Peter Mead captures the insights of a scholar and weaves them into your heart with te winsome words of a shepherd. The combination of depth and delight will give you a deeper love for your master and transformstion for your soul. A must-read for every follower of Jesus!’

Dave Patty, Josiah Venture


‘This short book has a sweet message: Jesus is everything you need in every way. The Little Him Book takes you on a journey through the Bible to meet Jesus afresh, and the view is stunning.’

Jonathan Thomas, Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Abergavenny


‘Peter Mead unpacks some of the main attributes and titles of Christ in an engaging and accessible way. He enables the reader to grasp deep spiritual truths with such clarity that you won’t feel overwhelmed by words, but overwhelmed with wonder!  That same wonder draws us to worship.  This is a superb devotional book and one which I trust will achieve everything the author intended.’

Colin Webster, Minister, Cornerstone Church Nottingham

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