I have set up affiliate links to my favourite Christian booksellers in the UK and the USA.  If you click through these links to go there, then a small percentage of any purchases during your visit will go toward our ministry support fund.

In the UK –

In USA/Canada –

10ofThose-ClassicGB 10ofThose-ClassicUS

Please click on the image and head over to 10ofthose to see a selection of suggested books at great prices.

I was asked to contribute most of the preaching articles for the Ministry Essentials Study Bible (Hendrickson, 2014).  And my first three books are Pleased to Dwell (Christian Focus, 2014), Foundations (Christian Focus, 2015) and Lost in Wonder (Christian Focus, 2016).  With 10ofthose I have written Galatians, John’s Letters and The Little Him Book (10Pub, 2020)


Pleased to Dwell v3 Foundations Cover 51994013-e1499076653731.jpg   LittleHimBook

2 thoughts on “Bookstall

  1. Just ordered seven copies of Pleased to Dwell for my Bible study group after reading it is highly suited for the young in the faith. And checking the contents page – excellent for building layers on the overarching story lines of the Bible.

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