Don’t Fight the Wrong Battle

Battle2I wonder if sometimes we are fighting the wrong battles in our preaching.  For instance, ponder this quote from John Stott:

Many people are rejecting our gospel today not because they perceive it to be false but because they perceive it to be trivial.  People are looking for an integrated worldview which makes sense of all their experience.

This quote is from many years ago, but I suspect it still has a resonance for many.  Some of us get excited about proving the truths of Christianity, perhaps more excited than our listeners are concerned about those issues?  Some will need proof of truth, others will need ring of relevance, and I would suggest that all need to encounter Christ.

That is to say, many preachers present truth without offering the person.  God is not a statement of faith, He is a personal God.  Be sure that however you preach, you make sure to introduce people to the God we know and love.  It is in encountering Him that lives will be transformed.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Fight the Wrong Battle

  1. Dear Peter,
    Thank you for sharing this.
    You have explained and described so well – simple and clear, the momentary thoughts and feelings I had along this line.
    God bless you. Please continue to teach and share as our dear Lord leads you.
    Love and greetings to you & Melanie, and family.

    Fong Kum

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