Now Shipping in the USA!

I thought The Little Him Book wasn’t going to be available in the US until early 2021. I was wrong! It is now shipping – perfect timing for Christmas.

Let me also introduce you to – this is a company that I have loved watching grow in the UK and am really pleased it is now also in the USA. Their vision is to make great Christian materials available at a low cost so that instead of just buying a single copy (which you can, of course), you might be motivated to buy “10 of those” to give away to friends (various multi-buy discounts available).

This link takes you to my affiliate page and anything you buy on your visit to the site will drop a few cents toward our support. Thank you!

So please do get hold of The Little Him Book and let me know what you think. It is a little book (perfect stocking stuffer), and it is all about Him (perfect gift for family members, for your small group, for church staff as a thank you, for your pastors, etc.) Reviews on 10ofthose, Goodreads, Amazon, etc. are all greatly appreciated (as are direct recommendations to friends, on facebook, twitter, etc.)

If you are in North America –

If you are in UK / Europe –

Thankful to Mike Reeves and Michael Card for their kind endorsements of this book!

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