A Biblical Introduction to the Incarnation

A few years ago I wrote Pleased to Dwell, an easy-to-read introduction to the glorious subject of the Incarnation. As we are coming to the end of November, I thought I might mention it in case you weren’t aware of it. It is written in 24 short chapters that walk through the whole Bible and make a great companion to the advent season. (Also, if you are preaching this Christmas, there are many sermon ideas implicit throughout the book!)

A friend from seminary shared the book on Facebook and added this comment, “May I recommend this for your reading this season? Not only gives an overview of the entire Bible, but especially gives fresh insight into Jesus coming to earth.”

Another friend, from my church, made this comment too, “I really enjoy this book and read it most years in December.”

Anyway, I thought I’d mention it just in case it might be helpful to some. It should be easy to find a copy online, and if you are in UK/Europe, you might like to grab a copy from 10ofthose.com.


PS With all the talk of cancelling Christmas2020, here is a new video from Cor Deo in which I take a quick look at 10 Incarnation realities that no crazy year can cancel!

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