Why We Pray

PrayingHands5The church is the greatest news story, even though it is never reported.  Lives are changed, peoples are united, society is helped, and preaching is at the heart of all of it.  But preaching is not inherently powerful.

The church is not a society generated by, united through, and stirred to give of itself by human social engineering.  It is possible to produce something by the skill of natural man as we exhort, encourage, celebrate and direct from the front.  But ultimately preaching is not the true story because the church is not about sales technique, social engineering, or motivational speech.

The true church is supernatural and therefore the true story of the church is the story of God at work. God opens blind hearts to see the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  God unites believers as the Spirit unites their spirits with Christ and with each other.  God’s love spills over from churches that are loved by Him so that His love can make a mark in society through social care and moral influence.

Preaching the Word of God is at the heart of the life of the church, but preaching in and of itself is not powerful.  And that is why we pray.

2 thoughts on “Why We Pray

  1. I have to wonder…”churches that are loved by Him”. Sort of sounds like some churches are not loved by Him. Also wonder about the idea of “moral influence”. Are you talking about spreading morality, or doing “good works” is a moral act on our part?
    Totally get the idea of His love making a mark through social care. Jesus fed and healed…even for those who would have nothing to do with Him afterward.

    • I wasn’t drawing that distinction, although there are churches that God has withdrawn the candlestick from (Revelation 2-3). The point of the post is that church ministry should make a mark on lives present and those around, but this is not going to happen based on some inherent power in preaching. That is why we pray. Hope that helps clarify.

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