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Pleased to Dwell v3Just a quick update to let you know that Pleased to Dwell: A Biblical Introduction to the Incarnation is now available for pre-ordering in both the UK and USA/Canada.  This book is written for a wider audience than just preachers, but I am sure preachers will benefit.  Here is one endorsement that suggests this is the case, from Rice Tice:

“What a really useful resource! I will definitely be reaching for this book … and I’m looking for freshness and depth, as Christ’s coming at Christmas is preached once more.As I read through it, I found that ideas for carol service talks just kept leaping off its pages.”

And Alex Strauch’s endorsement includes the following:

Whether you are exploring the claims of Christianity for the first time, a new believer seeking to understand the Bible better, or a seasoned Christian wanting to reinvigorate your love for Christ, this book is a must read. It is also perfect if you are a preacher looking to present the “big picture” of the gospel or planning a Christmas preaching series.  I wholeheartedly recommend Pleased to Dwell, and I am sure that many will love the Savior more as a result of reading this!

84009864e689597740e38e26128769cdThe best price I am aware of in the UK is from – who have also bundled it with Mike Reeves new book, Christ Our Life.  The bundle brings the price down even further.  If you buy the bundle twice, or add in Mike’s little yellow prayer book, then postage is also free.  (Disclosure: any books ordered via this link will give a small percentage to our ministry support fund – the same is true for the USA links below.)

704343In the USA, are already taking pre-orders for the book – click here to go to Pleased to Dwell.  They are also selling the new Ministry Essentials Study Bible from Hendrickson.  This Study Bible contains a lot of complementary articles on aspects of Christian ministry.  I was asked to write most of the section on preaching and sermon preparation.

There is more information on Pleased to Dwell, including endorsements and purchase information, if you click here.

Guest Series – Here on BiblicalPreaching.Net I am excited to host a series of guest blogs to mark the release of Pleased to Dwell in September.  I have some great posts lined up and am looking forward to running those in a few weeks time. (The book releases in the USA in November.)

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