Review of 2010

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This is the time of year when people summarize and review the year that is coming to a close.  So I decided to do that.  At least for me it is good to look back over a year’s worth of posting on this site.  According to my stats, the top post continues to be one from back in 2007 on Sermon Titles, followed by another golden oldie on Preaching Psalms. Actually it is hard to review stats for 2010 since most people read the posts as they sit on the Home page.  So I came up with the very arbitrary standard of checking which posts received the most comments (which could mean they were the worst posts, of course!)  So here are the results . . .

In fifth place, with five comments – There were several posts with no pattern to tie them together.  One on a big theme on the blog this year; preaching the text, not just preaching from a text.  The rest had more to do with the preacher outside of the pulpit, the space the preacher needs to work in, what new preachers need, and something on the pressing on of the preacher because I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels wiped out after ministering at times.

In fourth place, with six comments – Most of these posts related to sermon preparation.  How long should a preaching text be? Then a pair of posts pointing to the dangers of fanciful interpretation (part 2) – a common problem it seems! And in this technological age, can facebook be used in preparation?  Before preaching the preacher has to decide whether or not to project the text, and then after preaching, where should the preacher stand?

In third place, with seven comments – Just two posts hit seven comments . . . both reflecting particular passions of mine.  One focusing on the need for good preaching, the other concerned with helping people trust their Bibles!

In second place, with eight comments – This was a post I suspected would get some interaction as I wrote it.  Provocatively titled Preach more than Truth!

In first place, with twelve comments – Surprisingly this was a post about preaching and note-takers, although if I think about it, I think it tweaked the tail of a few self-confessed note-takers!

I won’t mention the thirteen posts with four comments, but I should mention that these numbers could be wrong if people go back and add comments!

Couple more points of review:

Longest Series in 2010? This was the series on Preaching and Story (part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5)

First Audio linked to in 2010 – This was an interview with Mike Reeves on Table Talk, all about preaching.

New Development in 2010 – Every other week I now post on the Cor Deo blog.  Incidentally, if you haven’t liked Cor Deo on Facebook, or signed up for email updates, please do!

And finally, for what it’s worth and to finish the review . . .

My favourite posts in 2010 – I particularly enjoyed writing two posts this year, one an analogy from the preaching of a new phone, the other a reflection on a sermon that didn’t quite work.

Thanks for visiting the site in 2010, and Happy New Year!

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