Table Talk

Today’s post isn’t one.  It’s a 35-minute interview I did with Mike Reeves over at in their Table Talk series.  It’s all about preaching and how our view of God influences our view of the Bible and therefore our approach to communicating it.  So, here’s the link and I hope this is helpful: – Table Talk.

One thought on “Table Talk

  1. Thank you, Peter, for the fine Table Talk interview. Among many benefits to the listeners your point that God means to speak to our hearts from his own heart–in a heart-to-heart communion–properly sets out a divine rationale for Bible study and preaching.

    That is, as Bible students we only begin to ask proper questions of the text when we have a heart for God’s heart. And as preachers our call to engage God’s heart and the listeners’ hearts allows us to move from “mere” rhetoric to something profound by touching the transcendence of God’s motives. Thus, whatever our raw skills, this moves us a bit closer to “soaring” rhetoric (meant positively) than ever before.

    A hearty “well done”!

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