Thin-Blooded Preaching

I just started into 360-Degree Leadership by Michael Quicke.  It has been on my shelf for about three years, but until now I haven’t opened it.  Oops.  This book is worth reading.

I’ll write more soon, but how about a very brief post today to get things going . . . Quicke thinks, and I believe, proves, that leadership and preaching have grown apart.  Leadership and preaching are often viewed as distinct elements of ministry, but in reality they go together.  What happens when a preacher preaches without full awareness of their leadership capacity?  Thin-blooded preaching.

Thin-blooded preaching.  What a description!  Before I share the features that Quicke offers for this kind of leadership-less preaching, why not ponder the concept.  What might it look like if you were preaching without leading?  What happens to leadership in the church without preaching?  Well, that’s another matter . . . so much to ponder!

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