A Tired Feast

Sunday morning I preached the last of the messages.  I’d taught class for four days, but then things got busier.  Between Thursday evening and Sunday morning (60 hours) I spoke six times, taught two sessions, and travelled many miles by car, train and aeroplane.  Not the busiest few days, but among the tightest in terms of the travel schedule.  So Sunday afternoon I got on the train to start the journey home.

I was tired and knew that attempting to read or write would be borderline futile.  So instead I chose to enjoy a tired feast.  Stopping only to hand over my passport or order food, I basically spent the next hours listening to about a dozen messages from about seven different speakers.  Subjects were varied.  Speakers truly diverse – from Stan Toussaint and Ron Allen to a series from Andy Stanley and even a few minutes of Ken Davis.  I drifted a couple of times from eyes closed to actually asleep, so I moved back and listened again to those minutes.

I didn’t listen to make observations on preaching technique.  I didn’t listen to gain ideas for illustrations or preaching strategies.  I listened because I knew I needed to be fed.  I was fed.  Actually, I feasted.  A stunning illustration of Isaiah 53:10 from an elderly scholar.  A moving introduction to a message on life’s pivotal circumstances from a contemporary communicator.  An inspiring series on growing in faith.  A great example of traditional preaching on the tabernacle.  A well-shaped presentation of the raising of Lazarus.  A non-traditional survey of a theme in John’s gospel.

Sometimes we need to stop giving out and take the time to be fed.  Hungry?

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