Sneaky Landmines for Preachers

Here are a few sneaky landmines that we need to be very wary of  . . . what would you add as a warning to the rest of us?

Pride (I don’t need you) – Pride is a perpetual danger for all believers.  It can sneak up on us from such things as position (ecclesial titles), knowledge (earned degrees, reading, etc.), power and influence (good reputation, people pursuing us for input, etc.)  Pride is lurking constantly at the threshold.  We must beware of it.

Separation (I don’t connect with you) – Perhaps this is a fruit of pride, but it is a real danger for preachers.  Because of what we do and expectations placed on us by others or by ourselves, we can easily fall into the trap of going solo.  There are always risks that come from being vulnerable about struggles and weaknesses and failures and so on.  However, the risk of going solo is greater.  Many preachers struggle with loneliness in their spiritual walk and in their ministry.  Don’t go lone ranger.

Critical Spirit (I don’t like you) – It’s part of the package, par for the course, to receive direct or indirect hurts.  We can feel frustrated by response or lack of response.  Ministry and influence is a breeding ground for growing tension, frustration and hurts.  It is easy to “cope” by becoming critical toward others.  Beware!

What other landmines would you list as a warning to us all?


3 thoughts on “Sneaky Landmines for Preachers

  1. We just talked about this in our Adult Sunday School class this morning.
    Thinking we need something new to say – not just a new way of preaching the agelss truth of the Scriptures.

    Another is majoring on the minors – trying to emphasize what makes us distinctive instead of preaching the core of the Gospel

  2. Unable to guage the maturity level of the congregation

    Running out of time by focusing too long on point 1,2 & 3 and rushing through the rest

    A temptation to bring out an application pointed at someone in the congregation

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