Why Preaching is Ailing – Part 2

Continuing Greg Haslam’s list of reasons why preaching is ailing (first chapter of Preach the Word):

5. Some are too polite and too politically correct. It is easy for the message to be so diluted that it fails to rattle or challenge listeners.  Preaching is not for cowards, but political correctness tends to foster them.

6. Some are too distracted. Things that have their place, but are not the priority.  Social life, spectator sports, hobbies and interests.

7. Some are too hard of hearing. “Waxy deposits have formed in their spiritual ears.”  Deafened by the noise of man’s opinions, some are unable to respond to the Spirit of God in the situations they face.

8. Some are disillusioned. Under-developed preaching skills, combined with little helpful feedback and the weary slog of ministry, all combine to make many discouraged ministers, desperate for personal renewal.

That’s a great list, well worth pondering.  Make sure the finger points more toward yourself than others.  This series of posts is not about condemning others, but spotting areas of potential weakness in ourselves that might be strengthened with God’s help.

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