Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

Just a month to go until Christmas.  The shops are gearing up, children are more than ready, but are we focused on it yet?  I don’t mean that we should be thinking about what to buy wives for Christmas (although we should, Christmas Eve panic buying is never healthy).  I mean focused on it for preaching.  After all, there are only a handful of Sundays between now and the big day.

Perhaps you are preaching a series from Matthew or Luke, or maybe only one of a series.  Take a look at the passage now and turn on your amazement again.  Don’t worry about how to preach it, what sermon form to use, etc.  For now just read the text with a very open heart and get excited about the Incarnation again.  Tinsel, shopping, carols and dark evenings may excite some, but turn off others.  But if we are going to preach something of the reality of Christmas, then we need to be prepared.

Let’s not preach a tinsel Christmas this year, but a genuinely-excited-incarnation-wonder-season of sermons!

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