The Bigger Picture

For most people in our churches today, the big picture is a mystery.  Their experience in the Bible is like being dropped in a huge forest.  They recognize some trees, they even like those trees, but what they know and recognize seems as random as trees in a vast forest.  We should not take for granted that people understand the bigger picture, the broad storyline of the Bible.

This is why Walk Thru the Bible was such a huge success a generation ago.  It gave people, in five hours, an overview of the storyline of the Old Testament, then later of the New Testament.

As preachers it is our privilege to help people understand how particular passages fit in the flow of the Bible story.  We don’t help by giving obscure links to random and questionable types and shadows elsewhere (unless they are clear and legitimate ones), but we do help by placing texts and stories in their context in the broad flow of the Bible story.


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