Not As Many Churches As There Are Churches

It’s a strange statement, but in most places there are not as many churches as there are churches.  I am not referring here to the many church buildings that have been emptied, sold and converted for use as Hindu temples, car repair shops, martial arts schools or apartments (come visit the UK if you don’t believe me!)  What I am referring to here is the number of churches where people will gather today, but come out none the wiser as far as the Bible, the gospel and God is concerned.  How many churches there are that preach the fluff of well-meaning platitudes, rather than the solid substance of biblical truth.

In the city of London there are apparently something like 4000 churches.  But how many will preach the gospel clearly and accurately today?  How many will speak from the Word of God in a manner that reflects its truth, accuracy, historicity and relevance?  How many genuinely believe in a God who is at work in the world today, even during the sermon segment of the service?  As Calvin wrote, “Wherever we see the Word of God purely preached and listened to . . . it is in now way to be doubted that a church of God exists.” Let us pray for the people sitting in a church building today, but unclear as to their spiritual state or God’s provision for them in Christ.  And let’s be sure that the church we preach in really is a church today!


2 thoughts on “Not As Many Churches As There Are Churches

  1. Dear brother, I would offer the thought that the relevance of the gospel, the goodness of it’s message and who Jesus is is found more in the value one is given by belonging to the body of Christ. Do they feel loved by their brothers and sisters like they are family (not just in word, but in Truth)? Do they get to participate in a way that is meaningful (more than just singing, sitting and getting taught something or leading someone else in doing the same)? Are they offered a valuable one-on-one relationship that involves discipleship, accountability and a deep level of commitment?

    I went to several churches that preached the Word really well from the pulpit, but the execution of the gospel and it’s implications were really void. Jesus majored in life-change, not more effectively communicating the gospel (which He obscured on many occasions). Don’t get me wrong, there is great value in preaching the Word, and preaching it well. However, it seems the modern Church at large has gotten the two confused in its mission as if accurately preaching the Word will accomplish the other half.

    God promises that those who seek Him will find Him. Jesus says that He is the Truth and that He’ll always be with us. Finding the Truth is on us, not the guy up front. So these days, I find myself more concerned with the one who goes to a great preachin’ church but gives up on Jesus because s/he doesn’t see what all the preachin’ adds up to (love, commitment. discipleship) happening there.

    Just a thought from someone who has walked the path. May God bless your ministry, and may He reveal Himself to you even so much more as you seek Him.


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