A Worldwide Lack

Here is a quote that I have used in presentations of our ministry over the past few years.  It’s an observation made in the early pages of Operation World, the great prayer guide for the world by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk.  It’s an observation that I find to be true as I travel:

There is a worldwide lack of men taught in the Scriptures to lead the churches . . . those who accurately and effectively expound the Scriptures are few.

So, what will we do about this?  Well, let’s pray for the Lord to raise up accurate and effective expositors all over the globe.  Let’s pray for those ministries seeking to equip and train those gifted for such ministry.  Let’s make sure our tiny corner of the globe, wherever we preach, does not fit this generalized description.  Perhaps let’s prayerfully consider ways we can influence and mentor beyond our tiny corner.

2 thoughts on “A Worldwide Lack

  1. Dr. Paige Patterson, the president of Southwestern Baptist Seminary gives these 3 points concerning the state of the church today:

    The first failure is the busyness of the age, which has robbed churches of serious prayer.

    The second culprit is our failure to witness.

    Third, the shallow state of preaching has exacerbated the lethargy of the church and left the lost with no real Word from God.

    I have the whole article on my site.

  2. Hello – Nice post on this important issue. I pastor a small church with around 10-12 or so on a given Sunday morning. I do preach expository messages and our outreach has consisted so far, since my arrival, of two local newspaper feature articles, which featured the Gospel message. We got one visitor and she hasn’t returned. Of course part of that is we are in New England. But what we also do to reach outside of the walls include the effective use of technology (web site, audio & video messages). So people near and far can receive the Gospel and hear/see some Biblical exposition. Not that it should stop there. The town where the church is located requires a permit to do door-to-door evangelism. We have some rocky soil. But I know that God has called for faithful expositors no matter what the “numbers” look like. And that is what I endeavor to be faithful at. I am bivocational and other “good” things can threaten to “crowd out” my study time. So I must take due care. I know I am not alone in this battle. I know if I focus on the difficulty of the “uphill battle” it will allow discouragement to take root. But I am encouraged by the Scriptures hat “His word shall not return void.” Our site is http://www.nbechurch.org. Blessings, Pastor Scott

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