The Power of Expository Preaching

Following on from our discussions of the definition of expository preaching, let’s take a moment to refresh on the power of expository preaching. When the Scripture is interpreted well and presented relevantly, there is great power.

The Power of the Word of God – It is hopefully a core conviction that the Word of God is powerful and living. It does not need to be made relevant or made powerful, it is powerful and it is relevant. Our job as preachers is to let that powerful relevance show. Our role is not to be forceful in our own thinking or philosophy, nor in our presentation of the opinion of others, but to effectively present the Word of God.

The Power of the Authority of God – Inasmuch as we accurately handle and present God’s Word, there is authority in preaching. This doesn’t mean we have that authority in ourselves. I’m not advocating heavy shepherding from the pulpit. As Augustine stated long ago, “When the Bible speaks, God speaks.” The authority is His. Hopefully our listeners will be like the Bereans and test what we preach against God’s Word, and then obey God (Acts 17:11).

The Power of the Spirit of God – Expository preaching, in my view, requires that we take seriously our task as communicators. We should be good stewards of the gifting, the calling, the opportunity. We should do all we can to communicate effectively, but always understanding that heart change is not to be found in the fields of persuasion, rhetoric, eloquence, etc. Heart change is the work of the Spirit of God. So as we seek to accurately present the Word He inspired, to the people He is working in, as a person He is empowering, then maybe heart change will occur!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Expository Preaching

  1. I like your comment that “the Bible does not need to be made relevant or made powerful, it is powerful and it is relevant.” Sometimes I get this sense, while sitting in the pew, that the preacher does NOT genuinely believe the Bible is relevant so he goes in an entirely different direction to “make it relevant”. He uses the Bible only as a springboard (so he won’t be accused of not being Biblical) to dive into the application setting where he is most comfortable. I feel that some preachers simply do not believe in the sufficency of the Bible and it comes across so vividly by how little they actually preach FROM it. Great post Peter.

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