Taking Series Seriously

Yesterday I shared a few reasons why I think sermon series are generally the way to go.  However, for series to work well, several issues need to be addressed.  Rob’s comment yesterday raised several key issues.  Today I’ll mention two, then the next day two more:

Role of the Spirit – Does a series quench the Holy Spirit?  Does preparing a sermon quench the Spirit?  It is amazing how a series can be scheduled many months ahead of time, then when a particular Sunday comes, the text and its application fit as if the Spirit Himself had faxed you the plan.  However, this does not remove the fact that we need to allow flexibility in our schedules . . .

Flexibility in scheduling – It is unhelpful to pack the schedule so tight that the preacher feels under pressure from the schedule.  Consider leaving “buffer zones” in the schedule, a week or two here and there.  You will have no problem filling them when the time arrives, either with a visiting missionary, a one-off message on a text you’re dying to preach, or a one-off for one of the preachers you are mentoring in the church.  Or, if there is an issue to address, you have the space in the schedule to do so (and if the issue happens three weeks too soon, then just shift everything back a week).

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