Break the Routine

Some who read this blog are pastors/ministers who preach every week, perhaps multiple times per week.  Others are “normal” people who preach regularly as well as holding down “non-preaching” jobs as well.  Either way, it is easy to get into a routine. Perhaps a weekly routine where Monday’s are off, but Tuesday’s are back in the process preparing another message.  Perhaps a routine where the mind has space to think ahead a little and prepare several weeks out, but still always preparing.

As well as having a weekly day-off, consider also the value of a break in the preaching routine.  This may mean a formal sabbatical for three months or longer.  Or it may mean scheduling a couple of Sundays out of the pulpit.  Either way, it will allow space for others to gain experience in the pulpit, or for your congregation to benefit from another voice.  More importantly for this post it will free up your routine enough to enjoy some study of your own choice.  It will allow you to recharge your preaching batteries and refresh your motivation for the ministry.

I’m not saying you should take next Sunday off.  But I think it is healthy to know when the next break will be.  Perhaps it’s time to take a look in the schedule and see what the horizon looks like?

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