Perpetual Preaching Student?

To be the best stewards of the ministry the Lord has entrusted us with, we need to keep stretching ourselves. There are many ways to do this.

Preaching Passages – Choosing to preach difficult passages or subjects is often helpful. For those who speak in a variety of churches, it is helpful to have them select the passage rather than choosing your own every time.

Preaching Books – It is good to read books related to the field of preaching and related fields like communication and hermeneutics. If you click on “Review” in the right-hand bar, you’ll find reviews of several very helpful books.

Preaching Exposure – Look for opportunities to hear preachers from outside your own church or circle of influence. Perhaps a respected preacher online, or better yet, a conference or event. It may be hard for pastors to get to other churches on a Sunday (of course), but there may be the odd opportunity to do so, or midweek events. Take the opportunity to listen to good preachers and evaluate what they do well.

Preaching Training – Look for opportunities to take seminars or courses designed for preachers. Perhaps in a local Bible school, or in other venues. There is much to be gained from any course in preaching, just remember that you will get out as much as you put in to the experience.

Preacher Fellowship – It is easy to miss this one, but perhaps this is the best of all. Look for ways to get together with other preachers. Perhaps for an evening every couple of months, or perhaps for a few days less frequently. Opportunities to discuss, to learn, to study together, to pray together, to stimulate each other in your ministry. I am planning for such a get together and cannot wait. I will report on the experience so others can benefit too.

How do you stay fresh and stimulate your own growth as a preacher? It is easy to settle in to a pattern, but it is privilege to be a lifelong student of preaching.

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