Psalms Today Complete

During 2022, I decided to work my way through the Psalms. One video per Psalm. One point relating to interpreting the Psalm, and one point of relevance for today. I completed the playlist this week. I hope this can be useful to you. Please do let others know about this playlist if it might be helpful to them too.

I know some people used these videos as a companion to a personal reading of the Psalms this year, perhaps this can be useful in a similar way next year. Since the playlist is complete, it now allows that to happen at your pace instead of mine!


3 thoughts on “Psalms Today Complete

  1. Peter, thank you so much for this year of the Psalms! I have indeed followed at a pace about 3 each week and I start with 136 this week 😉.

    It has encouraged me and I have been able to share many times from the current Psalm that week!

    His steadfast love and faithfullness is great, reason to enjoy and praise Him!

    May the Lord bless you and the ministry of CorDeo,

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