New Resource for Lockdown

Here in the UK we are about to head into another national lockdown.  When we entered the first one back in March I decided to launch a series of short videos – Pursuing God’s Heart.  They were simple Bible reading highlights to offer encouragement to my church and any others that wanted to join in.

Now as we enter Lockdown #2 I am excited to launch a new series of resources.  I am calling it Pursuing God’s Heart Yourself.  These short videos demonstrate how seven portable principles can turn our Bible reading into Bible feasting.

We are working our way through these seven principles in church at the moment, using the book of Jonah.  Click here to see a brief introduction to the seven principles:

And today I started the first series of videos – inviting you into the little book of Ruth over the coming days.  I don’t cover every verse in Ruth, I’d encourage you to do that yourself.  My goal is to cover all the principles and show how they will help you feast in the book of Ruth.  Click here for the first video in the series. (Apologies that I can’t get the image to link for some reason!)

If this series might be helpful to others, please do share the videos and encourage others to take advantage of this new tool.  The hope is to go through the principles several times.  We will start with Ruth, then we will go through them again in a different Bible book.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could emerge from the next few weeks or months having feasted on God’s Word, loving Him more and living for Him more fruitfully in this needy world?

(For part 2, click here … for part 3, click here … for part 4, click here)

2 thoughts on “New Resource for Lockdown

  1. Hi Peter
    My wife and I watched the Introduction video – it is excellent. I clicked on the video entitled Ruth – Part 1, but there didn’t seemed to a link from the image to the video. Do you have a schedule of when you plan to publish each video in the series on Ruth, I wonder? I look forward to seeing them.
    Every blessing

    • Thanks Rob for letting me know about the link. I am still trying to figure out the “new and improved” WordPress! I have updated the post with the links there by text, including parts 2, 3 and 4 at the end of the post. Parts 5, 6 and 7 will go live on the Youtube channel from Monday to Wednesday. Best way to not miss them would be to subscribe to the Cor Deo channel. Thanks again for the encouraging feedback!

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