10 Years of BiblicalPreaching.net

Just over 10 years ago the first post on this site was simply this:

“This is a simple concept – a blog for discussing anything related to preaching. We hope to generate discussion of how to preach specific Biblical passages, aspects of delivery, preaching theory and also book reviews. The goal is to stimulate better Biblical preaching. Let’s see where this goes . . .”

Now the site has been running for over a decade.  That is over 2200 posts, and over a million words.

This is just a little post to say thank you for visiting.  I know some who have been following the blog since the beginning – thank you.

3 thoughts on “10 Years of BiblicalPreaching.net

  1. My congratulations! Actually when I started Blogging I found one of your Posts very inspiring. It said a preacher should listen to his audience too to get an idea of their thinking. This encouraged me to look around and see what other bloggers wrote just to guess how a prospective audience might feel.

  2. We are the one should be saying thank you. What you have done in advancing the ministry of preaching may be beyond what we can imagine. A sincere thank you from the depth of my heart. Keep writing and keep sharing. Your blog is ministering to a lot of preachers.

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