Fighting Gravity – part 5

Gravity2Gravity pulls, and pulls, and pulls. So does the theological gravity that we live in in this world – the Fallen World Gravity (FWG). We have pondered this pervasive force during the last days. Let’s look at one more facet of this ugly gem.

5. The pull toward pride.  Perhaps we are just circling the many facets of the same false gem.  In the Fall we usurped God’s selfless throne and put the self-absorbed ego in His place.  Naturally, then, we will tend toward pride. Again, this is not simply true for those outside of Christ. It is also true for everyone of us that is in Christ, but also still in the flesh and in this world. One day this gravity will be gone and what a burden will lift from us!  For now, it is best that we become more aware and pray for clearer eyes to see the wonder of the good news of God’s love in Christ.

We are pulled toward pride. In everything we do, maybe especially the good things we do as believers, we still suffer the pull toward pride. In the future we will look back on all this pride and wonder what we were thinking. But for now, this fallen world ‘theological gravity’ makes some nonsensical things seem perfectly normal.

I suspect I will spend the rest of this life purging my view of ‘normal’ in light of God’s Word.  There is so much that is so fallen and yet I remain unaware. Let’s pray that God would give us eyes to see where the FWG, rather than biblical perspective, is influencing our perspective in life and ministry. Let’s pray for a clearer vision of God in His world, and of our listeners in theirs, so that our preaching might better address the reality of what is before us each Sunday.

How else does the Fall influence us, even as believers, and in ways we tend to not notice?

One thought on “Fighting Gravity – part 5

  1. I’ve really appreciated this series, Peter (even though I’m not a preacher). All of these pulls affect those of us who are listeners also—both in terms of our own lives and in terms of the impact of what we hear through the preaching. As I read each of the entries in this series, I was reminded again and again of the importance of keeping our eyes on Christ and not on ourselves. Thanks for this!

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