Treasure Shifts – part 2

9781844746026Here is the rest of the list of treasure shifts that can occur in the heart of a pastor/preacher.  Paul Tripp hits the nail on the head on almost every page of his Dangerous Calling, but I am just offering this snapshot for now (review to follow in the next weeks!)

4. ESSENTIALITY: Moving from rest in the essential presence of Jesus the Messiah to seeing oneself as way too essential to what God is doing.

. . . I begin to load the burden of the individual and collective growth of God’s people onto my own shoulders.  This causes me to devalue the importance of the gifts and ministry of others and tempts me to assign to myself more than I am able to do.  In ways that I probably am not aware of, I’ve begun to try to be the Messiah instead of resting in my identity as a tool in his faithful and powerful hands.

5. CONFIDENCE: Shifting away from a humble confidence in transforming grace to overconfidence in one’s own experience and gifts.

. . . We are all capable of becoming all too confident in ourselves.  A confidence shift begins to take place from the treasure of humble confidence in the power of rescuing, forgiving, transforming, and delivering grace, to rest in my own knowledge, abilities, gifts and experience.  Because of this, I don’t grieve enough, I don’t pray enough, I don’t prepare enough, I don’t confess enough, and I don’t listen to others enough.  I have begun to assign to myself capabilities I don’t have, and because I do, I don’t minister out of my own sense of need for Christ’s grace, and I don’t seek out the help of others.

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