Biblical Preaching Blog Review of 2012

Podium Medals2At the end of every year I like to look back and see what went onto the blog during the year.  It is probably of more interest to me than anybody else, but perhaps you might spot something you missed.

Somewhat arbitrarily, I look at factors like comments, likes and hits as an inaccurate means of evaluating the action!  This has been the year of the series, since I decided to write mostly in series rather than stand-alone posts.  But let’s pick off some of the stand-alone points of interest first:

Stand-Alone Posts That Stirred InterestMy review of Mike Reeves’ great book, The Good Godhopefully pointed a few toward a book all of us should own, read and give to others.  The Heidelberg Catechism and Preaching got at least one conversation going!  Reading the Bible seemed too obvious a post, but One Best Way still struck a chord with some.  Misdistillation also poked at some errant approaches to finding the main idea in a passage.

Linked Posts To NoteEvery other week I post on the Cor Deo site and link to the post from Biblical Preaching.  Here are four posts that scored highly in terms of hits, comments and personal conversation, 2012 style:

Bronze – Grace Corrupted

Joint Silver – I Don’t Feel Like Reading My Bible  and Does Jesus Tell Us to Love Ourselves?

Gold – Please Don’t Balance

Stand-Alone Posts Top Stats – I suspect this one may never be surpassed, but the top hits of all time continues to be Sermon Titles: Tricky Little Things from back in 2007!  This year the new page, Books, has drawn lots of hits, but it has also been updated numerous times.  But in terms of most hits for single posts, how about a 3, 2, 1…again in 2012 style:

BronzeThe Top 10 Mistakes Preachers Make Preaching Story

Silver15 Ways to Improve Clarity

Gold Bible Software and Sermon Prep

I’ll come back with one more review of the year, on Monday, looking at the most active series on the site.  Thanks for visiting this year, thanks for commenting, and thanks for all the encouragements in person too!

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