Reflections on Great Bible Teaching – Part 3

One more reflection on last week’s teaching.  I’ve written about the handling of the text and the targeting of the application.  But there’s an almost intangible element to be included in any set of reflections:

The Credibility and Integrity of the Speaker

A. Ministry and life.  Since I am not naming the speaker, this post might seem a bit pointless.  Nonetheless, rather than focusing our attention on him, I’d love it to prompt our thoughts in prayers in respect to our own ministry.  Here is an individual who has been running the race for a good long time.  The race for him has included crossing cultures, engaging with different and often very challenging contexts, success in other fields apart from biblical teaching, facing direct opposition with deep integrity, etc.  There is a weightiness and a power in a life well lived.

B. Longevity.  Maybe this is the same as the previous comment, but it is important.  For those of us that haven’t been in the race for five, six or seven decades, it can seem a bit irrelevant to us.  But that is exactly wrong.  The longevity of our ministry and the impact of our service is very much about the life we live this week.  Longevity and integrity doesn’t sneak up on us, it is cultivated in the daily walk with Christ.

C. Humility.  It is always striking when someone who has reason to be proud isn’t.  If messages like these had come out of a young man, it would be hard to imagine the possibility of such humility.  Courage and boldness combined with humility is a powerful cocktail.

I will leave it there, just in case blogging about an anonymous individual is more annoying than helpful!

3 thoughts on “Reflections on Great Bible Teaching – Part 3

  1. Tks for highlighting these key qualities. I know the man and his ministry which I would agree is ‘full of grace & truth’ – rare but God honouring combination.

  2. “Longevity and integrity doesn’t sneak up on us, it is cultivated in the daily walk with Christ”
    A good reminder for me and all who desire to shine for Christ in cultures that seem to disdain the notion of Jesus as Lord. I appreciate all three parts of this series, and this last part is a great encouragement- a stirring up towards love and good deeds.

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