Saturday Short Thought: Seeker Sensitive Preaching

For the past two weeks I have been blogging my way through what I think might be the ten biggest big ideas in the Bible.  I’m sure there are others that should be included.

And I’m sure there are some that shouldn’t.  I’ve watched a discussion on a forum where people have been posting their own lists in response to my suggesting there might be eight to ten such macro thoughts.  One or two suggestions have seemed to be off-track.  My concern is not to wrangle over debates between one theological camp versus another.  My concern is that the God of the Bible be represented well when we preach the Bible.

I suppose I could call this seeker sensitive preaching.  That is, is our preaching sensitive to the great seeker, the one who came to seek and to save the lost?  He is passionate in His seeking, as evidenced in His Passion.  Surely it must grieve Him when our preaching misrepresents His character, His nature, His concern, His desire, His goal.

I don’t know if you have pondered what you might include in a list of 8-10 biggest big ideas in the Bible.  But if you do come up with a list, let me suggest you review it in light of this question – do those big thoughts represent accurately the character of the God who reveals Himself in His Word?

The same question should be asked of any sermon.  When we preach we are not just explaining an ancient text, nor even just declaring a faith tradition passed down to us: we are representing the living God.  Let’s be sure we represent Him well.

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