Are We Guilty of Negative Suggestion?

Today’s post is a follow up to one of the most commented on posts from last year, concerning Bible reading.  The post is hosted over on the Cor Deo site – just click here to go there.

2 thoughts on “Are We Guilty of Negative Suggestion?

  1. Very good thoughts. And I think there is an application with regard to preaching here, and not merely how we encourage Bible reading.

    That is, are we preaching in such a way that people come away with the understanding that the Bible really IS an exciting, challenging, rewarding book to read? I think, off the top of my head, that only a commitment to expository preaching will consistently lend itself to that particular communication. I mean, do our hearers hear from us:

    A. That the Bible really does address us in our needs right now?

    B. That we personally are still amazed and excited by what we see there?

    C. A fairly straight-forward method of interpretation that they could immitate on their own without much trouble?

    Or, does our preaching tend to reinforce the cultural meme that the Bible is baffling, anachronistic, and easily molded like a wax nose to fit our preferences?

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