Disconnected Technology and Sermon Prep

Yesterday I blogged about some of the ways we can be connected to others as we prepare a sermon.  Today let’s unplug the router and think about disconnected technology that may be helpful:

Word Processor – I suspect this is by far the most popular sermon prep tool.  Recording notes in our biblical study, cutting and pasting information in, typing out manuscript or outline, being able to format for fading eyes, etc.

Recording Equipment – While the word processor records through the input of our deftly moving fingers, there are other recording devices that can be useful.  I mentioned audio recording on smartphone apps yesterday, and the same would apply to any type of dictation device.  Sometimes you may not have, or be able to safely or efficiently use, a pen and paper.  And speaking of paper, every time I fly and look in those shopping catalogues in the sky, I’m always drawn to the scanner pens.  Scanning sections of a book to then transfer into the word processor, seems like a nifty gadget.  Anyone use one?  Worth it?

Bible Software – This is a big category, so I’ll post on this separately tomorrow.

Alarm Clock – Here’s a clever little piece of technology.  Some of my most productive hours are early, but without my alarm I often wouldn’t see them!  And for “bi-vocational” preachers, I suspect this is a must.

Square Scolls – Talking of all this newfangled gadgetry and advanced technology, let’s not forget one innovation that surpasses everything listed so far this week – the book.  There is a very real danger that preachers get caught up in contemporary technology and miss the powerful combination of some earlier advances in technology – the codex and the printing press.  What a privilege to own even a single book!  It is intriguing how technology is supposed to save time, yet sometimes it seems to create noise and squeeze out time from things that really matter.  Preach well this week, get your nose back in a book!

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6 thoughts on “Disconnected Technology and Sermon Prep

  1. I appreciate your comments about disconnected prep. Might take it a step further and talk about the need to disconnect in order to prep. My office phone has a DND button on it, which I only recently realized stands for Do Not Disturb and it turns the ringer off. Cell phones can be powered down. We need to eliminate the constant demands of our buzzing, beeping world so that we can concentrate on the work in front of us. One of our best disconnected prep tools is concentrated effort.

  2. Been reading this blog for a while, and really appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. Keep on!

    Wanted to chime in on the scanner pen thing a ma jig. They do work, and can be a tremendous help and time saver in preparation. But 1 word of caution about them: flee plagiarism. They are one of the chief tools used to assimilate mass information, and then pass it along as being original. I’m not saying everyone does it intentionally, or that a pen causes plagiarism (a person with an arrogant spirit, or the fear of man, or a number of other real root character issues does) but after watching the havoc that was wreaked as a result of someone with a character flaw using one of these things, thought it was worth saying something.

  3. Heh Peter, Your blog is one of the first things I do everyday while I eat my breakfast. I really enjoy all the good preaching things you pass on. I am one of those guys who did not get the benefit of a college degree but have always been a lifetime learner. Books work the best for me and seminars have helped as well too. I bought one of those portable scanners and have found it difficult to use. It is hiding out in the closet somewhere. Thanks again.

  4. Thank you Peter for the wonderful messages. Had a good laugh at the alarm clock for bi-vocational pastors! If not for my alarm, and my family as my snooze, I would never have time for our Lord 🙂 God Bless!!!

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