Online Research and Sermon Prep

This week I’ve decided to post about the use of technology in sermon preparation.  Searching for help with biblical study online can be hit and miss.  For most people it is mostly miss since they don’t know where they are looking.  Not every web-based resource is created equal.

Consequently people tend to end up looking at some blog from somebody pontificating without any credibility (not in every case, of course, but there are plenty of them out there).  Or you end up with free resources that lean on public domain materials, which may be ok, but often are very outdated and not the best place to be spending your energy.

Here are some sites I don’t think you should miss, and they are free. – The NET Bible is an excellent translation that I hope will continue to gain in popularity.  I know some of the translators and have really enjoyed using this version in recent years.  Now the new online study environment is one not to miss.  The NET Bible, other versions too, as well as the excellent translators’ notes (explaining why they made the decisions they did with the text in a way that is accessible to non-original language scholars), plus Thomas Constable’s class notes (Bible exposition prof’s notes covering the whole Bible – while I might not agree with every detail, these are a solid resource that most people would have published years ago – I love it when people give away quality material!), plus numerous articles from experts like Dan Wallace (Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, etc.)  You need to check this out.

Other Bible sites – it is worth looking at (especially if you have a Logos account, sign in and access more resources, but even without there is some helpful stuff there).  I’m sure the usual suspects will be mentioned in comments too. – This resource is growing all the time.  A friend of mine has been plugging away at this for years (I’d love to see more people catch the vision and support him so he can do this even more efficiently).  There is a growing resource of pdf articles from theological journals and magazines on this site, as well as its sister sites related to theology and historical studies.  Obviously journal articles are of different quality, but all have been published. – This is a great site associated with UCCF which provides written, audio and video resources.  Especially strong in areas of theology and historical theology, if you don’t have this site bookmarked you are missing out on a massive set of free resources.

There is so much online, but I’d suggest you get these three sites bookmarked and start there rather than simply googling the passage you are studying.

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5 thoughts on “Online Research and Sermon Prep

  1. For images and information about biblical locations check out:

    For a quick and dirty word study I use, it has the Strong’s stuff, so it’s dated, but it’s a good place to start when you want to know the Greek or Hebrew word behind the English.

    For translation comparison you can’t beat for it’s ease of use and translations available. They also have the IVP New Testament commentaries available.

    I’m bummed that resources like zhubert are gone now. You can find older versions of the Greek NT online though.

  2. Thanks,

    I’ve used quite a bit particularly for its word by word translation of Hebrew and Greek and its ties to various translation resources.

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