Saturday Short Thought – Lone Ranger Ministry?

This week I have blogged about delivery, which in many ways is all about the connection between preacher and listeners.  Preaching is an inherently communicative ministry, yet it can be such a lonely ministry.  Some preachers are too busy and don’t spend the time they need to, alone with God.  Other preachers are too independent and don’t spend the time they need to, connecting with others.  Preaching involves lone time in preparation, and often a desire to remain alone after preaching (since a spent preacher can feel so vulnerable during post-preaching interaction).

Three slightly random thoughts to finish the week:

1. The preacher should never be truly alone.  Preparation time should be saturated in prayer, and enjoyed in fellowship with the God we represent. If we have any encouragement from our union with Christ, if we have any comfort from His love, any fellowship with the Spirit . . . surely we do.  We must.

2. Preacher’s benefit from interaction with each other.  This week we had our second preacher’s workshop at church.  I am excited about this group and hope that in time it will become a special gathering that will not only educate and develop preachers, but will create a sense of team in the preaching ministry of the church.  Sharing resources, sharing feedback, sharing enthusiasm, sharing encouragement.  I wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

3. In a small way preachers can benefit from online connections.  I find some benefit from mutual encouragement with other preaching friends online.  Comments on this site make a difference in my ministry.  So this week I have launched the Biblical Preaching facebook page – a place for preachers and listeners to connect and share resources, discussion, encouragement.  The slightly less formal surroundings there will, I hope, allow interactions that will feed into the content of this site.  I’ll also share the odd link to helpful resources there too.  The more people that know about it and “like” it, the more value it will have.  Would you help by “liking” the page (you can click on the like button in the facebook box to the right, or go to the page and like it there), and perhaps share the link with others via facebook and twitter?  Thanks so much.  Don’t miss the chance to win two great preaching books too – click here for promotion information.


Next Week: Powerful, Provocative, Pithy – Preaching Proverbs

4 thoughts on “Saturday Short Thought – Lone Ranger Ministry?

  1. I know what you mean when preaching can sometimes feel like a “Lone Ranger” ministry. Sure, you’ve got God with you and that’s great. But I need to find a way to bring community into my sermon preparations as well (which is not easy to do!). Bringing preachers together is a great idea!

  2. Thanks Peter! Excellent thoughts on a very appropriate theme. I suspect that, if more pastors/preachers were faithfully upheld in prayer by their flock, there would be a degree less lonilness felt.

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