Saturday Short Thought: Christmas According to Sibbes

This week I spent a few days on here thinking out loud about Christmas.  I’ve also done quite a bit of thinking in terms of the six messages I have coming up in December.  I am going with a Christ of Christmas theme, delving back beyond the start of the New Testament to tap into the epic expectation of the one anointed to be prophet, priest and king.  I’m sure you have plans and ideas stirring too.

But let me throw this into the mix from a few centuries ago. Richard Sibbes is a preacher worthy of our attention.  According to Sibbes, the incarnation is a greater mystery than that of creation…

“We cannot too often meditate of these things.  It is the life and soul of a Christian.  It is the marrow of the gospel.  It is the wonder of wonders.  We need not wonder at anything after this.” (Sibbes, Works 5:485)

Like Sibbes and those puritans who were like him, may we be stirred as we ponder the Incarnation.  May it elicit wonder and thankfulness in our hearts.  May we be stirred to preach the Christ who

“hath taken our flesh upon him for that purpose, that he might have experimental knowledge of our infirmities and weaknesses, and from that he might be the more sweet, and kind, and gentle to us.” (Sibbes, Works 5:480-2)

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Next week – Handling the Text as a Preacher

A week of posts on our handling and presenting of the biblical text.

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