I Have Always Struggled to Concentrate

Maybe you are like me?  I have always struggled to concentrate.  I remember sitting in church as a youth and often wondering how much longer the sermon would last.  The clock never ticks so slowly as it can on a Sunday.

You can count bricks in the wall, make shapes with ceiling tiles, daydream, read the introductory preface to a hymn book, the translation philosophy of the Bible committee, etc.

You can think about yesterday, or tomorrow, or a distant memory, or an unlikely dream.  You can do a lot of things during the thirty plus minutes of a sermon.

It is not that I am unable to concentrate.  I’ve done okay academically and have focused through films and books and games and conversations and meals.  But somehow sermons are a bit of struggle at times.

I doubt that I am unique.  Maybe I am just a toddler in a grown-up body, but I suspect I am not alone.  Maybe you are like me?  I have always struggled to concentrate.  Preacher, please help me out, and those like me.  Be clear, make progress, get to your point, vary the presentation, be relevant, be biblical, be engaging, be a communicator.

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3 thoughts on “I Have Always Struggled to Concentrate

  1. This is great and so timely. Thursday evening, here in Berlin, we will be discussing practical ideas on getting the most out of the sermon – from both the speaker and listener perspective. I can use this to aid our discussion. Thank you.

    • The answer is clear in the article. Clarity, progressive, get to the point, take three shots at the same target, relevance, biblical, engage the people, work at being better all the time. Great article!

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