The Friday Finish for the Feedback Fiesta

Since we’ve been thinking feedback all week, why not finish the week with one more post?  We’ve thought about questions to ask others, we’ve pondered the value of feedback others offer unasked, and we’ve thought about some key ingredients in the unrequested feedback of greater significance.  The week can’t end without a couple more nudges that I’ve made before.  You can improve your preaching by engaging in your own feedback too!

1. Prayerful Evaluation. Ask God what He thought of your message.  Process in His presence.  He cares more about your preaching than you do, and I’m sure He’d be glad to be your main preaching coach.  We can be so quick to pray about a sermon before we preach it, but say almost nothing afterwards.  Almost as if we want God’s help to do our thing well.  What about saying thank you?  What about asking Him what was going on in your own heart?  What about asking Him to nudge you in better directions?  What about processing the feedback received in His presence?

2. Audio Evaluation. I tend to listen through my messages as I prepare them for the archive.  I get to spot the bits that didn’t come across so clearly, or the moments when pause could have been better used, or the moments when my description was lacking in colour, or whatever.  It is worth listening to yourself because you are the only person who knows what you were planning to say after all the study and preparation.

3. Video Evaluation. I mention this periodically, but it’s worth the nudge.  If you watch yourself preach on video, it will improve your preaching.  Don’t need to do it every week.  But now and then.  You will spot things nobody has yet had the guts to mention to you!  You will realize that you are actually looking at your notes 72% of the time.  You will spot that you aren’t smiling as much as you think you are.  You will see some very effective gesturing (as well as some backward gestures).  You will be glad you did it.  Promise.

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