Drip Feeding

I’m sure I am not the only person who finds themselves praying for one message to make a massive difference.  When we are captivated by the God who speaks through a specific passage of Scripture, our yearning is for that impact to be felt deep and real by the listeners when we preach it.

But let’s not lose sight of the impact of a drip feeding ministry.  Regular exposure to the God of the Bible, to His Gospel, to the blessing of His self-revelation in His Word . . . it has a massive effect on people, even if we don’t see the impact of every point, every message, every application.

Somebody said it is easy to over-estimate what can be achieved in one message, but under-estimate what can be achieved over five years.  Pray for the balance of faith-fueled passion for each message, but also for divine diligence to press on for the long-term effect.


4 thoughts on “Drip Feeding

  1. I am learning that no matter how long we preach and how well we plan for the high points of the message it’s not up to us to decide what seeds grow and which ones don’t. We don’t know what will catch and what will not and I think thats the best way for it to be. If I knew which points would grow it could cause me to get cocky and think it’s because of me. We plant and sometimes water but God always gives the increase when that verse became real to me it changed the way I prepare and preach, in total reliance to God taking control of even where the seed grows and who needs what.

    Thanks again for all your encouragement through these posts.

  2. This is a most wonderful post. This speaks directly to a conversation I had with a fellow preacher this week. I asked about the struggle to “bottle” the passion and excitement that often occurs during prep time and make sure it actually gets out to the people during the delivery.

    As usual, us humans want immediate results without long term plodding and patience.

    Thanks for a great and IMPORTANT reminder!

  3. Thanks Peter. I think every one of us who preaches and teaches God’s Word, week in and week out, needs to remember this. My wife calls it my meat and potatoes preaching. There are some days she says it is filet mignon but most days when it is simply just stew. But she reminds me often that life is built on meat and potatoes.

    God bless!

  4. ON the other hand, the times when I get an immediate and exuberant response right after a message it’s by someone who vehemently disagrees! I have learned that many of these people storm out never to be heard from again, and this might be one of the best things for the church itself and perhaps for them.

    We often look at spiritual work as always positive when God seems to work more through “defeat” in Scripture and in life.

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