Pre-Sermon Review – A Strange Idea?

I don’t know of many churches that require it, but I do see many that should consider it. Too often we leave the preacher in a very lonely spot as far as preaching is concerned.  The sermon is prepared and delivered, and then everyone gets to think and evaluate and critique and respond and so on.  But it is too late if something is omitted that is vital, or included that is misleading, or misspoken that is heretical.

I know of one church that requires whichever staff member is preaching to present their sermon outline and content at a breakfast meeting a couple of days before delivery.  It allows for interaction, input, critique, and all that before it does any damage, or misses an opportunity, with the gathered folks on the Sunday.

If your church has a “staff” that are paid to work together during the week, this should be a no-brainer.  But for the many more churches where the workers work elsewhere during the week, the decision to bring a few together ahead of the Sunday is a big decision.  But if we believe in the importance of preaching the Word, then surely it is a decision worth considering seriously.

Preaching is about relationship.  It is about communication.  God’s Word to humanity presented by a human in the power of the Spirit that collectively and individually we might have the opportunity to respond to Him, both for salvation and for spiritual growth.  Preaching involves relationship between speaker and listeners (a good speaker knows it is not mere monologue, irrespective of whether they choose to have verbal participation from the listeners).  Preaching is relational, but we so easily make preaching a solo exercise.  Doesn’t really make sense.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Sermon Review – A Strange Idea?

  1. That sounds like a great idea, and I think it should be required for house group leaders to meet before their meetings too so that they can talk through possible problems or questions that might arise, or how certain questions might be answered.

    Keep up the good work, and hope the house hunting goes well too.

    David Dexter

  2. I don’t agree. While I do when possible post my outline on line before Sunday, I am not asking people to judge the sermon before I preach it.

    I wouldn’t necessary believe deacons have the ability to know a good sermon if they saw one. But they would know if it was a good sermon when then hear it.

    Of course I would gladly let anyone in our church see my manuscript before I preach it. But to ask them if they would change it, I would not ask them that question.

    Now if I were to teach topical rather than expository and I had a topic like abortion, or murder, or depression, etc, then it might be good to get come suggestions on the subject.

    Maybe its the Baptist in me.

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