Thin-Blooded Preaching – Part Deux

So to the rest of Michael Quicke’s list of what constitutes thin-blooded, leadership-less preaching:

6. Low Compliance – While hoping for positive comments, this kind of preaching really doesn’t expect people to be or do anything substantially different as a result of the preaching.

7. Absence of Process Issues – This is where the preacher steers clear of applying the text to the process of congregational transformation, instead leaving all process issues to the organizational announcements.

8. Solo Role – Following on from the previous item, this is where the sermon ends up in a separate role from the organizational complexities of church life, functioning as a devotional stand-alone on the side.

9. Cowardice – “Maintaining rather than initiating. . . . Safe pairs of hands operating within stable structures rather than big souls daring to live on the leading edge of God’s new structures.”  And to quote a bit more, “Thin-blooded preachers have become understudies on the margins of leadership. Such preaching utterly fails to lead.” 

10. Missionally Defective – That is to say that it fails to lead God’s people in the mission to which they are called in this world.  Preaching becomes about individual conversion, or personal growth, but fails to really engage the interface between the church andthe culture.

“So full-blooded preaching, then, is corporate, holistic, trinitarian, specific in applicaton, realistic about conflict, urges commitment, does justice to process issues, collaborates, is courageous, and is missionally effective.”  The rest of the book pursues that, and I’m looking forward to reading it!

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