Fear, Trembling, But Not Only

I am just finishing up an excellent book on bibliology.  In the final chapter the author addresses the issue of preaching.  I need to re-read, digest some more and then write a review or something.  Excellent.  Anyway, just a point to ponder today.

The author quotes Karl Barth who suggests the question preachers should be asking is not “How does one do it?” but “How can one do it?”  It is critical to remember the greater issue is not our competence in preaching, but our dependence on the God for whom we speak.

The preacher is given the privilege of speaking God’s words, and yet has no power to determine any specific result – hence the preacher should preach in fear and trembling.  At the same time the preacher mustn’t be so fearful that resolve to know and proclaim Christ and him crucified is lost.

In boldness and trembling, in confidence and fear, we preach God’s Word.

2 thoughts on “Fear, Trembling, But Not Only

  1. I was thinking about this kind, of this morning. I am starting to read the text in a way that I try and figure out how Jesus is speaking if he is angry happy or sad. In doing this it helps me to understand how it should be realated to the church. So often I feel preachers get into a comfort zone where we eaither preach the same way, if you are a whooper you just whoop the whole message if you are more forceful then thats they way it always is. I do feel that with ceratin texts they might be preached better if we try to find the way in which the writter might have been talking. I am not sure if there is a step in the Hermeneutical process for this but it seems to me like it is one of the most important steps How is God sounding in the text.

    Thanks again Buddy you always help me think outside the box.

    God Bless Ya

  2. We must remember that those people in authority have an obligation to lead.

    Leadership can be exhibited through preaching/speaking.

    The influence these individuals can have on others can not be underestimated.

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