Mentored Training – Cor Deo

You may have noticed the new tab for Cor Deo at the top of the page.  Cor Deo is a mentored study and ministry training programme that I am helping to launch.  The name Cor Deo means “a heart for God” and it is our desire to multiply ministry that shares God’s heart by means of a relationally shaped training programme.

The basic approach will be to invite 6-12 individuals to join the team of mentors for an intensive full-time training programme from February through to July (starting next year).  During this time the team will share a unique study programme between Tuesday and Thursday each week, and then be exposed to a variety of ministry situations by sharing ministry together with the mentors over the weekends.  We want to study, grow and serve together.

Cor Deo has a strongly relational methodology, as well as a thoroughly biblical relational theology.  Can I ask you for a couple of favours?

1. Please take a look at the Cor Deo website and if you like what you see, contact us to receive the Cor Deo updates (we deeply value the prayer partners who will stand with Cor Deo as the ministry develops).

2. If you know someone who might be a potential candidate (remember Cor Deo runs in the UK!), please introduce Cor Deo to them.

Final question – is this a preaching training programme?

Answer – not specifically, although it can be tailored as such for someone who has a desire to develop as a preacher.  One component of the programme is a mentored personal study, which would allow for focused ongoing preaching training during the entire Cor Deo experience.

(Alright, last last question for this post – Could a pastor consider Cor Deo for a study break during a sabbatical (or partial sabbatical)?

Answer – absolutely.  If you are able to take a five month break from current ministry commitments, we would be very interested in discussing the possibility of your coming to Cor Deo.  If you lived close enough, you would be able to maintain a decent level of Sunday ministry during the programme, although it is important to talk through what would be involved!)

Thanks for taking a look at the site.  Please let me know if you’d like to receive the regular email updates.

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