Are We Rushing Headlong?

I can’t get away from the fact that Mondays are strange days for people who preach.  Whether you earn your living through preaching/pastoral ministry, or whether you earn your living in another line of work, Mondays are strange.

It’s not that Mondays are particularly unique in themselves, it’s just that they come after Sundays.  Profound, I know.  After all the giving out on a Sunday, Monday comes with its strange mix of physical weariness, emotional vulnerability, spiritual mixed-feelings, and yet also a sense of subdued excitement about the week ahead, the opportunities to come, the adventure of knowing Christ and serving Him continues.  I’m very excited for this week and all that it holds, but tired too, probably not super productive in some respects today.

Whatever your approach to Mondays, it’s good to be aware of all that is going on.  Some people just rest, others do mindless admin tasks, others jump into new and exciting projects, others have no choice but to lift themselves for work.  Whatever your approach, recognize the complexity of the person God made you to be.  Recognize the physical needs for rest, relaxation, exercise.  Recognize the emotional needs for refreshment, fellowship, alone-time, laughter, or whatever else.  Recognize the spiritual needs for time with the Lord, alertness to temptation, renewed vision.  Recognize the mental needs for down-time, for reading, for something different, something stimulating.  Recognize the complexity of you, and prayerfully handle today well.

A Monday well-handled seems to make for a productive and energized week.  Somehow it’s not possible to rush headlong from a busy Sunday into Tuesday – we need a Monday first!

4 thoughts on “Are We Rushing Headlong?

  1. I definitely need my Mondays! Most of the time to unwind and relax but sometimes to let off steam (esp. after a bombed out sermon on Sunday).. Tks for the post, Bro!

  2. I’ve always heard Mondays are hard for those who preach on Sundays. I don’t know why that is? My Sunday afternnons are the worse.

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