A Mentoring Prod

I’ve written before on the critical subject of mentoring.  It’s easy as a preacher to be too busy to invest in mentoring relationships.  It’s also easy to miss the heart of what we are called to in ministry.  I’ve just started The Making of a Mentor by Ted Engstrom and Ron Jenson.  Pointing to Paul’s example in 1Thessalonians 2:7-12, they underline the importance of relationships in ministry.  I’d like to share their quote from Harry Stack Sullivan, an eminent psychologist in the field of interpersonal relationships:

All personal damage and regression, as well as all personal healing and growth, come through our relationships with others.  There is a persistent, if uninformed, suspicion in most of us that we can solve our own problems and be the masters of our ships of life.  But the fact of the matter is that by ourselves we can only be consumed by our problems and suffer shipwreck.”

Two simple questions.  Who are you allowing to invest in you?  Who are you investing in?

One thought on “A Mentoring Prod

  1. This is a vital area , sadly so often neglected.
    In many ways it reflects on the idea that our faith and our walk are between us and God, yet we’re called to be a body.
    I’m grateful for those wiser than me helping, and I also know from bitter experience what happens when we think “I can sort this out on my own”.
    We live in a society and even within the Church where to be honest and be vunerable is not seen as acceptable, yet by sharing our lives with one another we open ourselves up to one of the best ways of growing.
    My own exerience tends to be that mentoring just happens between friends, as opposed to being actively encouraged by church leaderships. I suppose there’s a fine line between mentoring and heavy shepherding, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid mentoring.

    In His Light, Love and Peace

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