How Would Jesus Preach?

I have been impressed and helped by Explosive Preaching (written by Ron Boyd-MacMillan).  I’ll share a couple more highlights and then finish with a final review of the book.

Near the end of the book, MacMillan shares some tips for effective preaching from the example of Jesus.  I won’t go into detail in my words or his, but here is the list (to get the detail, buy the book!)

1.    Great preaching starts with great praying.
2.    Be the word you preach
3.    Mint punch lines and master the two-minute story.
4.    Try the open air
5.    To communicate the gospel, don’t just preach
6.    Remember to be revolutionary
7.    Get over crowds
8.    It’s OK to shock
9.    Preach by dying

Some of these are self-explanatory, others are probably only tantalizing if you’ve not read the book.  However, the concept is important – what can we learn from the preaching of Jesus?  Would you add to the list?  What have you learned about preaching from observing Him preach in the gospels?

3 thoughts on “How Would Jesus Preach?

  1. I think one thing that is awsome about the way Jesus preached was how well he knew who he was talking too, he knew just how to grab and keep there attention. Not only that they understood because he spooke about whatthey knew.

    Example when Jesus talked about the two different buildings one built on sand and the other a firm or strong foundation, he was talking to people who had to go about trying to find the best surface to build on so their houses wouldn’t fall to the ground in a storm. It worked because it hit home and nobody wants their house to fall in a storm. The concept ties over much better once that picture is clear why it’s important to not only hear the word but to be DOERS.

    Enjoyed the post

  2. This list does sound like NEW SPRING concept. Maybe Acts 29. Perry Nobel, Andy Stanley, maybe Ed Young, Jr.

    There is a difference between reaching the unsaved folks, and keeping the Believer in the church pew.

    Jesus did a lot of miracles. Healed the sick. Raised the dead. Feed the 5000. Etc. Now there is a list I would like to do.

  3. * Jesus preached with passion
    * Jesus preached with focus
    * Jesus knew the crowd and preached accordingly (there was balance in his sermons)
    * Jesus did not force an application – he taught the truth and left it at that – perhaps he was not worried about bringing about a change then and there.
    * Jesus knew his Bible.

    Anything else?

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