Disturbing Feedback

Yesterday I made a passing comment about “disturbing feedback.”  Let me begin with yesterday’s example and then add some more.  They tend to speak for themselves.  Don’t be too encouraged when you hear these kinds of comments after your preaching:

“Ooo, I never would have seen that in that passage!”

“As ever, such a rich message.  I mean, real steak that, really rich.” (This could be good feedback, but it depends on whether they could chew the steak or not!)

“I’m amazed at the long words you know.”

“I can’t wait to come back next Sunday, I need more Bible in my life!”

“I really enjoyed that story you told about the German sailor in the storm during the war, I’ll never forget that illustration!”

“If only I had gone to seminary, then I’d be able to be as clever as you!”

“Don’t worry about finishing fifteen minutes late, the nursery workers said the kids were really burning up some energy in there!”

“If I knew my Bible like you do, then I wouldn’t need to keep going to the table of contents every thirty seconds to find the passages you were quoting!”

“Phew!  I’m out of breath!  What a journey through the whole Bible you took us on today!”

“You’re right, we do need to try harder to live better.”

“You tell ‘em, preacher, they really need to hear that!”

“I don’t suppose we’ll ever know what Paul meant in that passage, will we?”

“I like Jesus, shame he’s not around today to fix all our problems!”

“I’m with you, let’s be as good as we can and then we’ll all get to heaven!”

And how about this one, simply because I have to stop somewhere:

“I loved that quote – ‘By all means preach the gospel, and if necessary use words.’ – fantastic!  Now I know I don’t need to ever say anything, just live well.  Thanks!”

What would you add?  Not necessarily from personal experience, although if you have any . . .

6 thoughts on “Disturbing Feedback

  1. “Ooo, I never would have seen that in that passage!”
    I had that one once, and it left me somewhat uncertain of the implications…
    Not looking forward to hearing it again.

  2. The strangest feedback I ever got was a week after I preached on Philippians 1:21: “For to me to live is Christ.” A college girl came up and told me, “I liked that message so much that I went out and had the reference tattooed on my arm this week.” Not quite the application I would have encouraged, but I guess she will never forget the reference!

  3. The one i got after i preached on Jesus – the true bread from heaven (John 6), a lady walked upto me and said, “people don’t want to hear about Jesus’ rebuke, rejecting disciples and unbelief. if you keep preaching that people are going to leave the church. if you want them coming back, preach about the love of God, the grace of God, the compassion and the mercy, not the wrath, anger, cross and agony.”
    Quite the itchy ear, i guess…

    Another one is “Great message brother, you got them all this time”

    “I wanted to sit till the end, but you know, i had to leave…”

    “Do you read a lot?”

    (and the most famous one)
    “I am sure no one slept today”

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