Look Look Look Look Look

Perhaps you have come across the “Five Looks” approach to Bible study?  It is a clear and helpful approach credited to Andrew Reid of Ridley College, Melbourne.  Here is a brief synopsis:

1. Look Up – We need to receive the Bible as the word of God.  This implies a commitment to prayer and faith.

2. Look Down – We must recognize the Bible as the work of human authors.  This implies careful consideration of the deliberate communication as designed by the human writer. So, exegesis is about considering and understanding the text itself, while also adding in two more looks…

3. Look Back – We need to see a text in its biblical context by looking back to what has gone before, and:

4. Look Forward – We need to see a text in its biblical context by looking forward to what comes after the text.

5. Look Here – Finally it is important to apply the text today and consider it’s application in today’s world.

This is a helpful approach.  Tomorrow I will add a post commenting on this approach to Bible study in light of my post from yesterday.  Feel free to comment in the meantime.

2 thoughts on “Look Look Look Look Look

  1. Thanks for the post Peter. I had not heard of that approach before.

    If you were to study Psalm 63 what would you find most interesting about it using these “five looks”? I’m just curious since I am working on memorizing it currently.

    Psalm 19.14

  2. this reminds me of walking the streets of our country Philippines.

    watch your head, there are hanging signs, steels whatever that might bump your head.

    watch your step, the streets are filled with cracks and holes.

    watch your back, there are many thieves lurking around you.

    watch your left your right, jeepney drivers drive like theres no tomorrow.

    like the spiritual growth of the christian, there shouldnt be no dull moment. always LOOK before you get it!

    “sin is most active when least felt” john owen

    great post

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