Delivery Diagnostics

Just a quick prompt to do a self-check on your delivery.  By definition, biblical preaching must be heavily focused on content (both biblical and connected to contemporary life).  However, great content can easily be undermined by poor delivery.  Perhaps it would be worth running a quick self-scan over your delivery strengths and weaknesses.  Don’t be overwhelmed, improving any one even slightly is worth the effort required.

Does your delivery convey a tone of affection for the listeners (do you really love them?) How is your eye contact?  Is it fleeting, forced, lacking altogether, overbearing to some, ignoring others?  Are you bound to your notes?  Honestly, do you look at your notes more than you realize?  Are you aware of facial feedback from your listeners?  Do your gestures fit your words?  Are they natural?  Any ruts in your use of gesture?  Do your hands seem stuck?  And your feet?  Do you move naturally?

Do you slow down in transitions (slow through the curves)?  Do your facial expressions vary appropriately?  Do you smile?  How is your posture?  Too stiff or too relaxed?  And your voice?  Does the pitch vary appropriately?  Can people hear you?  Is there enough variation in power, in pace?  Do you pause on purpose?  Do you have any verbal pauses to eliminate?  Do you dress appropriately for the occasion and the culture of the church?  Are there any other personal qwerks that in any way hinder people from listening to you?  Do you pray about delivery before preaching?

An overwhelming checklist, but prayerfully pick one known weakness and consider how it can be improved next time you preach.  Create a plan.  Follow through on it.  Perhaps even ask for accountability on that one thing from a listener or two (that will help you follow through!)

One thought on “Delivery Diagnostics

  1. Great checklist! Many items I had not considered in tracking my delivery and improving same. I usually don’t video tape my lessons, but this seems like the only way to detect some of the bad habits in the areas you describe. Either that or, like you say, ask one or two of the listerners to critique. I am new with my current church, so still don’t know folks well enough, but something to consider in the future. Thanks for your post.

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