What Should Tension Prompt

Most people involved in ministry feel tension from somewhere most of the time.  Perhaps there is discord in the church, or opposition to your ministry, or possibilities elsewhere, or some form of spiritual warfare, or a disquiet within (or all of the above).  Honeymoon periods, by definition, do not last long.  The reality of ministry, whatever form it takes, usually includes tension of some sort.

What should tension prompt?

It could prompt fleshly reactions toward others, or within yourself.  It could prompt a passion to prove or vindicate yourself.  It could prompt discontentment in your heart, or a lack of motivation for your present ministry.  It could prompt many things.  It should prompt one:

Allow any tension, from any side, to push you up against God.  The kind of “de-professionalized” passion for God that Piper was praying for in the quote yesterday.  The kind of passionate for God leadership that is the right response whatever the circumstance.  Perhaps this weekend’s ministry is confused by tension from one side or other.  Perhaps you do not feel like you are on a mountain-top of ministry right now.

Allow any of these tensions to prompt you closer to God, to pray fervently at every opportunity.  Don’t distract yourself with entertainment, or sin, or busy-ness, or future plans.  Respond to the challenge by responding to God.  Allow anything to get your attention and draw you to Him.

If most of us face tension from somewhere most of the time, wouldn’t it be great if the fruit of that was greater godliness on our part, greater fervency in our prayers, greater compassion in our relationships, greater brokenness in our spirits, greater sensitivity in our walks, greater humility in our ministries, greater Christlikeness in our characters and greater fruit in everything?

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