Why We Preach

Where there is no vision, the people perish . . . so starts a well-known, oft-quoted and usually misunderstood proverb (Proverbs 29:18).  The second half of the proverb completes the thought and makes it clear that this is not about having vision statements, 5-year plans and strategic documents (good as those all are).  It is about a word from the Lord.  Where there is no word from the Lord, the people go wild, they cut loose, they sin with abandon.  The same verb is used twice of the Israelites sinning out of control with the golden calf (they weren’t just dancing – Exo.32:25!)  It is used to describe the wickedness promoted by King Ahaz (2Chron.28:19).

So as you continue to prepare for Sunday, remember how important it is that God’s people hear the word of the Lord.  If we consistently fail to preach the Word, the results will become evident.  Whether or not you have a vision statement in the church, make sure the Word of God is preached clearly, accurately, faithfully and applicatonally.


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